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Carolina Velandia is a Ph.D. student in Political Science and Public Administration at Northern Illinois University (NIU). Her academic interests lie at the intersection of Public Administration and International Relations in energy resources and the environment. Her current research uses in-depth semi-structured interviews and complementary network analysis to explore the existence of and dynamics within public-private coalitions among multinational firms and executive regulators in the transition to renewable energy in Colombia.

Prior to her work as a doctoral student, Carolina was a lawyer in Colombia in the oil business, and was a senior lawyer on energy contracts management for the national government. She has extensive experience in the analysis of law, including statutes, regulations, judicial decisions resulting from litigation, arbitration, mediation, and contracts. Carolina has taught to diverse audiences in the areas of commercial, civil, contractual, environmental, and energy law.


Currently, Carolina is a research fellow on a collaborative project on regional water governance in the Chicagoland area between NIU and University of Illinois Chicago, with external funding from the Illinois Innovation Network. She is also a research assistant to Dr. Thomas Skuzinski, and has in 2020 and 2021 co-authored articles published in or under review with Journal of Urban Affairs, Urban Affairs Forum, and Journal of Planning Education and Research that focus on regional governance in land use, resources management, and transportation. 

// Abogada, estudiante de doctorado en Ciencia Politica. Especialista en Derecho Minero y Petrolero, Magister en Negociaciones Economicas Internacionales, Investigadora y escritora. Su investigacion esta centrada en energia, ambiente, derecho, administracion publica y relaciones internacionales. 

Graduate Research Assistant
NIU Political Science and Public Administration 

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I work in Political Science, Public Administration and Law  with an emphasis on: 

Public Policy and Energy law

Climate change and clean energy

Comparative Public Policy

policy adoption and implentation, including contracts analysis

implications for adopting clean energy and fossil fuel bussines conflicts. 

Policy process on diverse systems in the global north and south



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Ph.D. Degree (expected 2022)

Master’s Degree, International Economic Negotiations

Bachelor’s Degree, Law and Political Sciences

Northern Illinois University,

Simon Bolivar Andean University, 2010

National Unversity of Colombia, 2007


Other interest

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Comunitarian work

Political art

Legal and social science research

Environmental, social and political work with womens organizations. 

Artistic practice on mixed media focused on political issues. 



The New School is my main source to build my teaching philosophy. The New School considers the classroom as a participatory and democratic scenario. Consequently, first, I teach focus on personal values, self-management of learning, and personal growth as continuous process. Second, I encourage team work because the construction of a learning community creates innovative neurocognitive appropriations of information. Third, I promote experiential learning, respect students’ own learning pace, motivate and encourage them to learn with energy never using grades as a punishment.

I consider that learning is a process of substantive knowledge and skills construction. During my four years as a professor, I understood that my teaching purpose is to build a democratic approach to knowledge. It is not only about teaching concepts and theories, it is also about providing tools and skills for students to develop their own capacities, competencies and knowledge. I learnt to implement techniques to foster motivation, socialization, information exchange, construction, and development of knowledge between both the students and the instructor. 

Socialization and the construction of learning skills are developed in my classes through a critical perspective of the social, political, and economic sources that influence law making. Therefore, my classes aim at fostering the understanding of how legal theories and institutions apply to the current context. In the classroom, students have the opportunity of evaluating different legal sources by contrasting their application to the national and subnational context. I also encourage students to do legal research as their personal projects to enhance their personal interpretation of the law-making process and its applications.

My teaching goals are to enhance the acquisition of knowledge and skills to interpret and to apply the law. I facilitate learning in my classes through the resolution of cases and provision of legal advice in the classroom setting. Students have the opportunity to develop hermeneutic competences, debate and support a personal interpretation of the law through the application of concepts and theories.





In Spanish:

Master thesis

"Responses of the Colombian State to the International Financial Crisis" UASB. Master's thesis. In

Journal Publication

"Colombian electoral process 2010: Between adjustment and consolidation of Uribe´s party." //

Velandia H. Carolina y Bonilla Julián, “Proceso electoral colombiano 2010: Entre el ajuste y la consolidación del uribismo”. En Revista Indexada Comentario Internacional. Revista del Centro andino de Estudios Internacionales II semestre 2010.

Journal Publication

"Critical study of regulatory special legislation for the solidarity organizations” phase II. Vol. 16, no. 20 (2014) //​​

Velandia Carolina “Estudio crítico de la legislación especial regulatoria de las organizaciones solidarias” Revista DIXI Journal of legal Studies No. 20 ISS 0124-7255 e-ISSN: 2357-5891. 2014

Book Chapter

​Protection of the digital data. A review of the habeas data right in the change of the social relations that create internet. Co-author. In “Law and “TIC” current components”. ISBN 97786070274107. UNAM, INFOTEC. 2016. // 

Velandia Carolina y Prada Fredy. Libro “Derecho y TIC: Vertientes Actuales”.  Capitulo “Protección de los datos digitales. Una revisión del derecho de habeas data en el cambio de las relaciones sociales que crea la Internet” ISBN 97786070274107. UNAM, INFOTEC. 2016.


"Legal Regime of unconventional hydrocarbons in Colombia" Ibañez Editorial Group. 2017 //

Velandia Carolina “Régimen legal de los hidrocarburos no convencionales en Colombia” 2017. Grupo Editorial Ibañez.

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In English:

  • Skuzinski, Thomas and Carolina Velandia Hernandez. “Envisioning a role for RIGOs in cross-boundary land use regulation.” Urban Affairs Forum (Urban Affairs Review) (Accepted August 20, 2021) 

  • Skuzinski, Thomas, David Weinreich, and Carolina Velandia Hernandez. “How can we better study the links between regional governance and public service outcomes?: Governance topologies in metropolitan public transportation systems.” Journal of Planning Education and Research. (revised and resubmitted May 12, 2021; manuscript ID JPER-2019-051.R3).

       Impact factor: 7.21 (ranked 1st in Urban Studies) (under review)

  • Skuzinski, Thomas, David Weinreich, and Carolina Velandia Hernandez. Exploring the Link Between Regional Transportation Governance and Outcomes: A Novel Measure of Organizational Fragmentation in Metropolitan Public Transportation Systems" Acepted JPER Journal of  Planning Education and Research.  Presentation for 2022.​


  • " Validity and transversality of the principles of solidarity as elements of the Social State of Law." // Unpublished work.


Velandia Carolina, “Vigencia y transversalidad de los principios solidarios como elementos de validez del Estado Social de Derecho.” Ponencia En: Cuba, Unión de Juristas de Cuba, 2012, finalidad: Participación en el VII Congreso de Derecho Cooperativo Agrario. Obra inédita.

  •  "Energy Integration: A Pillar in the Process of Regional Integration in the Context of UNASUR and ALBA" Presentation at the Third International Law Seminar of the Mexican Yearbook of International Law 18 and 19 September 2013. //

Velandia Carolina “Integración Energética: Un Pilar en los Procesos de Integración Regional en el Marco de la UNASUR y el ALBA” Ponencia en el Tercer seminario permanente de Derecho Internacional del Anuario Mexicano de Derecho Internacional 18 y 19 de septiembre de 2013. Ciudad de México y Querétaro.

  • "Reflections on the constitutional right of non-renewable natural resources. Hydrocarbon resource and royalties. Paper presented at the Gran Colombia University. ISBN 23898836 “International seminary. First Meeting  of New Constitutional Justice and New Tendencies of Administrative Law.” Page. 508//


Velandia Carolina “Reflexiones sobre el derecho constitucional de los recursos naturales no renovables.  Recurso hidrocarburífero y regalías.” Ponencia presentada en la Universidad la Gran Colombia. Abril 2013. Portada

/Obras colectivas

Co-author. "Legal Regime of Exploration and Exploitation of Hydrocarbons, and Applicable Social and Environmental Standards". Legis SA, August 2011.//

Velandia Carolina y otros, “Régimen Legal de Exploración y Explotación sobre Hidrocarburos, y Normas Socioambientales Aplicables”. Legis S.A., Agosto 2011.  Caratula

Co-author. "Legal Regime of Supply Chain Liquid Fuel Oil" exclusive compilation for the CREG.//

Velandia Carolina y otros, “Régimen legal de la Cadena de Distribución Combustibles Líquidos Derivados de Petróleo”, compilación exclusiva para la CREG. 2013 Confidencial. Caratula contrato

  • Velandia Hernández, Carolina, Do International Financial Flows Impact Fossil Energy Consumption and CO2 Emission in South American Countries? Accepted for presentation at the 78th Annual Midwest Political Science Association Conference, Chicago, IL (USA), April 16-19, 2020. (Cancelled due to Covid-19 crisis.)

  • Velandia Hernández, Carolina, Decentralization impacts in royalties reform Colombian case 2010-2015. Accepted for presentation at the Marc Holzer Public Performance Symposium, American Society for Public Administration Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA (USA), April 2-7, 2020. (Cancelled due to Covid-19 crisis.)

In English:

Working papers
/en trabajo

Velandia Hernandez, C. (2021, July 14). The counter argument against environmental reductionism in Latinx immigration debates: Tracking the discussion and empirical evidence.  In 

Velandia Hernandez, C. (2021, July 14). State centrism in International Relations. Strengths and limitations and possible alternatives. In 

Velandia Hernandez, C. (2021, July 11). Does democratization process lead to positive environmental public policies in the Colombian case?.





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